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Jess Productions Limited was the producer of the Oxted Beer & Music Festival in 2017. Before that, Jess Productions' (managing director), Sam Hasler, produced the Oxted Beer Festival in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Jess Productions had planned to produce an even better event in Master Park in 2018.

At the end of November, after launching our pre-registration page and announcing that tickets were going on sale on the 7th December, we received a letter from a firm of solicitors acting for free on behalf of the Oxted and Limpsfield Community Sports Association (OLCSA).

Amongst other things, this letter claimed that all rights in the Oxted Beer Festival/Oxted Beer and Music Festival (including the brand) are owned by OLCSA. The letter made clear that OLCSA may take legal action against Jess Productions if it organised its planned event in 2018.

Jess Productions took legal advice after receiving the letter, from a firm of solicitors specialising in the area of live events and branding. Jess Productions was advised it was in a strong position.

However, it is with much sadness that we have to inform you that the Oxted Beer and Music Festival 2018 has now been cancelled. We believe it would be irresponsible for Jess Productions to proceed with an event that could become subject to expensive litigation. In the worst case, legal action could lead to cancellation of the event after tickets have gone on sale. At the very least any legal action would involve a lot of time and cost meaning Jess Productions would have less time to deliver a great event and would be unable to make significant contributions to local causes which has been a primary driver of Sam Hasler in the organisation of this event*.

We are sorry to all those who have already pre-registered for tickets for 2018 and are overwhelmed with the number of people who clearly have faith in what we can deliver. However, we believe this is the only sensible course of action. We can confirm that email addresses for those pre-registering will not be stored.

Thank you to all the volunteers, sponsors and to everyone who has supported the Oxted Beer Festival and the Oxted Beer and Music Festival over the past four years. We are looking at other events for the future and hope to maybe bring something new and exciting to the people of Oxted and surrounding areas in 2019, but the past few months have been quite difficult so for now we are planning to just enjoy some "downtime" for a couple of months...

Best Wishes
Jess Productions & The Festival Management Team

*To date, Jess Productions has donated more than 75% of the profits from the 2017 Oxted Beer and Music Festival to a wide variety of local charities and good causes. These include: Master Park Charity, The Connathon, The Titsey Rotary Club, Oxted and Limpsfield Cricket Club, Multi Use Games Area (St Mary's School) - in conjunction with the Titsey Rotary Club, Oxted and District Football Club, Hurst Green Tennis Club, The True Adventure Indonisia Project, Edenbridge Rugby Football Club and Oxted Pre School.

If you would like to see more details on these donations and links to the organisations please go to